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     Natural Instinct "R"

    When this pup was born I really liked him and decided on the Name "R" because we feel he is what it will take to follow his Sire "Q".  R is just over 12 1/2" has a great happy personality and has passed the most important test, that of being a proficient earthworker. 

    The Picture above was when "R" was about 10 months old. He worked very hard at this one.  It was on the side of a gravelly hill, "R" entered and went straight in about 3 feet where the tube turned 90 degrees and headed right up the hill.  The hog kept pushing rocks down the tube and R worked his way pulling these rocks down and back to where Kate could reach in and pull them out.  It took him close to an hour digging through the rocks to get up to the hog.  We opened to a very determined dog and a very sorry hog.

    We just came back last month from having a great time in MD where "R" performed some of his magic there as well.  One of the onlookers got some pics and when they arrive in our mail box we will give you a look here as well. 


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