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      Our Breeding Program revolves around 3 Major Traits:

1/ The natural ability to hunt 

2/ Temperament

3/ Conformation.

Alongside the natural ability to hunt we have found that size is an important criteria, The quarry that our dogs have to work is not large and in order to be able to succeed they have to able to manover in equally as small an area.  Therefore we strive to breed a terrier that is in the Under 12 1/2 inch category although we have no problem with Over terriers that have a workable chest. 

A dog must be a good companion in the house when it is not in the field, We look for a docile even tempered dog that will listen and work with it's human partner.

Conformation to Breed Standard: The Breed Standard for the Jack Russell Terrier revolves around a working dog. Form follows function.  The Jack Russell Terrier Clubs have had the good sense to recognize that and have allowed for a breed standard to include a wide size range of Terriers.

Our Latest Breeding

Natural Instinct Twiggy

Natural Instinct Spangle and Natural Instinct "Q"

I am very excited about this Litter, Spangle and "Q" are both very much my Ideal in a Working Terrier add to this the fact that they are Sassy1's best Male to Sassy1's Best Female and you have a line breeding I have been waiting for years to do. 

Both are excellent working terriers.

Litter Due April 2005

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