Jack Russells and Other Breeds

Q: I currently own a [insert breed name here]. If a buy a Jack Russell Terrier, will it get along with my other dog?

A: There have been many questions as of late about Jack Russell and other breeds of dogs. This question can not always be answered. Most of us at Jack Talk have only had experience with Jack Russell Terriers and recommending another breed is something we can not do.

Please make this your own decision to add another breed to your family. Be aware that Jack Russell's will not get along with all breeds. Good common sense will help you make the right decision. We recommend that you research both breeds that you are considering. Information about Jack Russell Terriers can be found throughout this web site. Talk to your Breeders and follow their advice (You may want to get this advice in writing. In case it doesn't work out, you may return the Jack Russell or the other breed, to the breeder, whether it is 6 months or 6 years old).

As much as we would like to help you in this matter - this must be your decision.

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