Reprinted with Permisson from the Kincardine Independent, Nov 4th, 1998.

Fastest terrier in America bred in Armow

Bushells' Jack Russell takes first in Maryland

By Tim McKay

Diana, a Jack Russell Terrier from Armow, is the fastest in America.

The dog, owned and bred by Ken and Kathy Bushell, blew away the competition in both the flat races and the steeplechase to become top dog in the puppy racing category at the Jack Russell Club of America's U.S. Nationals

Diana.tif (121862 bytes) Natural Instinct Lady Diana (her full name) is just 10-months-old, but she is turning out to be an excellent racing dog. The Bushells say it's in her blood. Her father, Petie, was also an award winner. Petie was killed this while hunting this year. He was sprayed by a skunk at close range and died from his injuries.

Like Petie, the Bushells say Diana has the desire to win. Her build also helps her win races because she can really stretch out when she runs.

For flat races, six dogs are put in a starting gate and chase a fuzzy toy on a string for 75 yards. There is an eight-inch hole in hay bales at the end of the track and the first dog through wins.

In steeplechase, gates are added so the dogs have to jump over them.

Diana also took fourth place in the puppy go-to-ground competition.

For go-to-ground, the dogs have to go through a 30 foot tunnel in the ground to a cage of rats at the other end. There are three right angle turns in the tunnel.

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The Bushells also have two four-month-old pups, Micro and Spike, who look as if they could become excellent competitors. Micro placed fourth in the four to six-month-old category at the dog show.

Natural Instinct Jack Russell Terriers, the Bushells' breeding business, has sold dogs all over North America, and one went to the Bahamas.

But they do keep some. There are usually about ten dogs running around the yard and house at any one time.

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