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Natural Instinct "Q"


Sire of Young Working Terriers


"Q" pictures as he grew, first at 8 months, then a young adult and now as a fully mature 3 year old at the 2004 Nationals

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As "Q"s Breeder I am having problems finding an appropriate description for Him. I have had terriers that fulfilled my utmost dreams in Build, Instinct and Temperament but "Q" goes beyond that. How do you describe a Terrier that greatly exceeds your goals and even your dreams. Such a Terrier is "Q".

12 1/4 inches, Great Harsh Broken Coat, Excellent Movement. 

His pictures tell the rest of the Story.

Temperament: Well "Q" has changed my expectations. If I where to have sat down and wrote a wish list for temperament it is fulfilled and more. Loves to cuddle, Thinks my 4 month old Grandson is wonderful, Adores puppies, Confident but not aggressive. And in the field naturally calm, confidently following his nose then dead serious in the earth. Decades of earthworking genes show up gallantly, pressuring his adversary intelligently for hours on end if necessary. A close look at "Q" in person will expose some well earned beauty marks but no evidence of reckless abandon.  

His "Pedigree" consists of generations with good records, third and fourth generation names like Blencathra Badger and Garon's Sailor, Great Terriers that have sadly passed on, but left their genetic heritage to continue through Terriers like "Q". 

Click here for "Q"s pedigree

Pedigree Available on request.

Q has earned his Bronze Medallion with

NHCs to Groundhog, Raccoon and Red Fox

Baer and Cerf. Normal

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