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    Thanks for your interest in showing Jack Russell Terriers.  We travel to JRTCA And JRTCC Trials and  show our Terriers in Conformation.

    I want to draw your attention to a few very important issues in showing JRTs. Firstly this is a "Type of Working Terrier" that word "Working" is the most important item to keep in your thoughts about Showing JRTs. My firm belief is if it does not work then it is NOT a Jack Russell Terrier but some poor misbreed dog that has the appearance of a JRT. If you want to show JRTs read and memorize the JRTCA breed Standard, pay particular attention to the non physical characteristics as well.  Now after you memorize the standard take it apart then consider each of these parts, be honest with yourself about your breeding program and where it's weaknesses and strong points are according to the JRTCA Standard. Only after you have a firm grip on this Standard will you see JRTs for their real Type.

    There is a very real and present Danger to the JRTCA JRT caused by show persons breeding solely to win conformation classes without consideration for the roots, history and purpose of the Jack Russell Terrier.

    Our breeding program revolves solely around producing a Working Jack Russell Terrier and we simply show those Working Terriers.


    We will be adding our showing experiences to this page shortly. Check back in a little while. 

    Thanks for spending time with us.

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