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This morning I sat back in my recliner and the most important Terrier to enter my life passed away quietly on my chest.  One might ask what was it about this terrier that made her so important.  Was it the fact that she stole our hearts as a puppy, made us laugh in good times and bad, Felt our state and consoled us when we where sorrowful and lived a life as our beloved pet.  Any of those things could be it but they are only a drop in the bucket of her importance.  The very most important aspect of her was the fact that she conducted her life in such a way that made us develop a line of Working Terriers from her.  As previous owners, workers and breeders of Coon hounds it was impossible to not admire the Instincts and Attitude of this small mass of energy.  She was born in October came to us in November and the very next spring made us learn how to hunt with a genuine Earthworker.  The admiration we developed as we followed this pup through to adulthood inspired us to Register a kennel called Natural Instinct to have this Terriers Line carry a name that would always reflect the true nature of its foundation, Sassy1. 


Her first Mating was to a working terrier and the offspring so much impressed us with their Abilities and size that she was mated once more to the same terrier.  This was the start to our Working Terrier Tree, little did we realize then that Sassy1 was leading us to develop this Line with her as an extremely strong trunk that would feed and refine any branch that grew from it. She taught us that crossing the branches gave us excellent results, Crossing a branch (grandson) back to the trunk was another working terrier success.  She also taught us that when she put on a totally new branch to then use it within the tree. 

To Sassy1's credit there is a Natural Instinct Line of Working Terrier. To date there is not a Natural Instinct Terrier that does not have Sassy1 in the pedigree. That is and always will be her legacy.  She is a strong line of Terrier.  The record will always show this.  The written record held by her descendants at her death show a minimum of 12 earned Bronze Medallions, over 60 NHC, Bests, Reserves and Champions number somewhere between 150 and 200. Tally on class wins, who knows. This is just the written record, how much more if you could include the unwritten.  Just last night an owner of a 7 month old Granddaughter called me and took me right back to a place 10 years ago when her Grandmother was doing the same thing at about the same age, in earth, working groundhogs.  His words about how brave she is, how confident, how smart, how she pushes.  Well let me just say this young man better watch out.  Sounds like another terrier is looking for a tree to grow. 

As I write this just feet away from me that Line Bred Sassy1 Daughter out of her Grandson is in Labor with a litter by a Sassy1 Son.  There could be no more fitting way to continue Sassy1's Natural Instinct Tree than to have this litter come into the world on the same day she left. 

Sassy1 of Natural Instinct

Oct 2nd 1994 - April 6th 2005



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