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    Natural Instinct "Q"

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    "Q" is White Phantom Ba-ku and our Sassy1 of NI. 

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    (Updated June03/07)
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    We have a litter Available
      The News Page contains the latest information on our Terriers, NHCs, Trial Results, Upcoming Mattings, new Litters, etc.

    Welcome to Natural Instinct Working Jack Russell Terriers, it is our sincere hope that you enjoy your time with us. We have modified the site to hopefully make it more comfortable for you.

    Be sure to visit our News button above to keep abreast on the latest happenings at Natural Instinct.

    We have found that Jack Russell Terriers have brought a great deal of enjoyment to our lives. So that we might share some of this experience with you we have four areas to try and outline our experiences with this wonderful Terrier.  They are:

    1. Living with Jack Russell Terriers
    2. Hunting with Jack Russell Terriers
    3. Breeding Jack Russell Terriers
    4. Showing Jack Russell Terriers

    Jack Russell Terriers are first and foremost hunting dogs and should alway be considered with this in mind. 

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    Mysterious circles in a farmers crop of Soybeans appeared Locally, Some thought maybe alien spaceships had landed.  We knew better. This is an example of what groundhogs can do to a crop.  The upper circle is well over 50 feet across.  These pictures where taken a week after the gang had visited and done an excellent job of pest control, as you can see the green is already starting to return to these ravaged areas.

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    Now the above is What Jack Russell Terriers Are all About


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    Our people are Ken and Kathy Bushell

    We live near Kincardine Ontario Can.
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Living with Jack Russell Terriers

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