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    Micro, a marvelous package, 12 inches at the shoulder, extremly well boned and elegant, well angled, built for earthwork, not only his structure but his attitude, one of seriousness in the field, eager to enter and ready to stay the course. In the yard he has a happy go lucky nature that does not miss a thing. In the house he is mild mannered and a joy to be around. micro2-15-99.jpg (61178 bytes)

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      Micro is a Vagabond Voodoo grandson. The product of Natural Instinct Dollie (top right of page)and Conquest Keno. He is 8 months old in the photo and is 11 3/4 inches at the shoulders. We are looking for Micro to finish at around 12 inches

    Micro made his showing debut at the 1998 JRTCA National Trial. He was just over 4 months old and placed 4th in his 4 to 6 months dog pup class. That weekend he made his first trip into the active hunt field as an observer and is showing a very keen hunting interest.

    On His 6 month Birthday Micro worked his own coon.

    At 7 1/2 months Micro earned his first hunting certificate, it was to Raccoon.

    At 8 Months Micro earned his NHC to Groundhog and Won his Class at the Puppy Palooza in North Carolina

    Micro Earns his Bronze Medallion

    Micro went out one Saturday in March and not only earned his 3rd quarry but had a Bronze Medallion Day where he worked 3 Quarries in one day. The day started out with Micro working a groundhog, next he worked a Raccoon then he went and worked an Opossum. A great Day for a Great little worker!

    Micro's summer has been great. At the Trials Micro almost always wins his Class. He has accumulated a show resume that includes: Reserve Best Dog Pup at 99 Yankee Classic, Best Foreign Bred at 99 Fingerlakes, Best Bronze Medallion at 99 Georgia Spectacular, Reserve Best Working Dog at 99 Plum Run Hunt, Best Working Dog and Working Terrier Conformation Champion at 99 Casey House.

    The 2000 Trial Year has started out well for Micro. He has earned Best Family 3 times and Reserve Family once in 4 trails.  He was also Best Working Dog and Champion Working Terrier at Foxcry 2000 Spring Fling II. Micro was Best Working Dog and Res. Champion Working Terrier at Hi Bid 2000, 1st Stud Dog and get at Yankee Classic 2000, 1st Bronze Dog and Reserve Best Working Dog atYankee Challenge 2000

    Micro has also Sired a Natural Instinct Litter by Natural Instinct Lady Diana. One of these Pups N.I. Dakota has earned 2 Best 4 to 6 month Puppy placings, was Puppy Champion at the 2000 Ice Breaker and Res Dog Pup at 2000 Hi Bid.

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    Natural Instinct Micro with his firstborn Natural Instinct Dakota

    Check back for more information on Micro.

    We will keep you posted to his further development both physical and working.

    Also keep your eye out for our upcoming page on Micro's brother Spike.

    Micro's Growth Chart


    5 Months 10 3/4 inches 7lb 14oz
    6 Months 11 1/2 inches 10lb 0oz
    7 months 11 3/4 inches 10lb 6oz
    8 months 11 3/4 inches 10lb 6oz
    9 months 11 7/8 inches 10lb 8oz
    11 nonths 12 inches 10 1/2 lbs

    Micro has had Hit Counter visitors.

    You can comment on Micro in the guestbook if you like.

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