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Hi! Thanks for dropping in again. The above picture is Me at 11 Months. I have experienced a lot since my page was last updated. I have had a very busy summer attending trails. My successes include: Reserve Dog Pup at Romney 99, Reserve Open Dog at the 99 Free State and 99 Georgia Fall Spectaculor I, Reserve Working Dog and Reserve Working Terrier at the 99 Casey House, Best Open Dog and Open Terrier Champion at 99 OHPA and 99 Georgia Fall Spectaculor II.

Spike's Pedigree

I have also sired a Litter by Natural Instinct Misy

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I am now a bonafide Working Terrier and have earned the JRTCA Bronze Medallion.

Here I am proud and looking right at you.

I just love life and show it in my nature. Snuggling is one of my favorite passtimes but nothing beats getting in the earth and following my instincts.


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When I get  in the field,  you just might see this view of me as I go about my bussiness.

At 11 months I am just 12 inches tall and weigh a little over 10 pounds.  My fine build allows me to manover in the earth with ease.





spike.jpg My Granddad, Vagabond Voodoo was somewhat of  a legend.

My mom Natural Instinct Dollie is a real beauty (her picture is at the top right of the page), Dad Conquest Keno is busy earning a name for himself. The picture above is me at 5 months.

spikeft.JPG (22154 bytes)On the right is another picture of me at 5 months. I am 10 1/2 inches tall now. My people are getting very happy with me. I surprised everyone with my development.

. I was such an ugly duckling as a small puppy that no one took a second look at me. My coat was very, very hairy, one of my folks friends made the comment;    "I hope you place him where I can see how someone manages that coat." spikepup1.JPG (9402 bytes)

They called me names like "Ceo-pet". You can see some of my baby pics.

spikepup.JPG (9481 bytes)One day my mom (I call my person lady that), took me and pulled all the hair on my head straight up into a spike (that is where my name came from), Dad flipped and pruned all the long hairs from my body. You know what? They never came back. I have a Beautiful Harsh Broken Coat and have only been slightly groomed since that day.

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Come back and visit with me again.

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