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Natural Instinct Twiggy's Page

Hi and welcome to my page.

I'm Natural Instinct Twiggy and I just have a love for life. My dad and I (well he is really just a people but I call him dad to make him feel good) really enjoy each other. My name comes from some model that walked the runways many years ago. Dad took one look at my long legs and slender- ness, how I carry myself with pride and gracefulness of movement and called me Twiggy. I guess it is alright, Folks say it fits me well.

I enjoy relaxing about the house and playing with my Sister Missy. If you want to see us together click here.

We all do many things together, Hunting and Racing are a few.

We went to a few Jack Russell Terrier Club of Canada Trials this year.

Here I am racing at the Casey House Classic Trial in Toronto when I was just five months old. Dad was real proud of me that day as I brought home my very first Multi- colored ribbon by winning the puppy race Championship. My legs really like to go fast. I do not like other dogs being aggressive with me when I am racing. If you ever race with me please chase the lure and forget about trying to get me to scrap with you. I am a lover not a fighter.

This is a picture of me with my Casey House Classic winnings.

Boy am I ever glad when fall comes and we finish the trial season because then we start hunting.

Dad Says I am becoming a great hunter. To read about our hunting click here.


A lot of time has Passed since my page was first made so here is an update about Me.

I have proved to the world that I am a great Hunter and earned my Bronze Medallion long ago.  I also have been to a few more trials and place competivly at most of them. 

      I talked Dad into finding an extremely handsome guy for me and went to Visit Fox Run Shocker whom instantly liked me.   A little while later I had a beautiful Litter by Shocker.  My Daughter Natural Instinct Jewel is one of these lovely JRTs and Is doing very Well.  You can visit her while you are on the Site.


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